"For if anything is so transformed as to overstep its own limits, this means the immediate death of what it was before."- Ovid, Metamorphoses

My work involves building characters, environments, and structures with found and repurposed materials, mixed with traditional media, and hardware. I also draw and paint, and so have been interested in the dialog that can happen between two and three dimensional work. I am primarily interested in creating a narrative with my visual art.
The artist has the unique opportunity to transform the world they exist in, creating a narrative through their experiences. I have always been a collector of materials, both tangible and emotional, using these resources as a way to develop a world of characters, environments, and structures. Mythology and science are some of the frameworks that assist me in translating symbolism and storytelling into visual art. The cycle of transformation that is possible in a myth or fable echoes the theme of metamorphosis in everyday life and helps define everything we see, feel, and experience. We are always transitioning from one stage to another. Our own bodies, from year to year, are in a constant state of flux, as is our own consciousness. The life cycle of any animal is one of evolution, from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, from baby to adult to elder, from life to death to the unknown. I view my role as an artist in society as transcriber of this change, as a mythographer who can research and document the way I see and experience the world. 



Matthew Pugh is a visual artist, sculptor, and illustrator. He studied illustration at  The California College of the Arts, His most recent body of work focuses on a combination of sculpture, drawing, collage, painting, and print making. His work is an on going visual narrative. Matthew is particularly interested in exploring the unknown through a combination of materials and process.